July 11, 2014

Very ampt for this one!  Cage is a trailblazer in the indie rap world and the last time I played with Sadistik it got pretty wild.  Tickets are available for this one at:

Plan on showing up early for this one if you want to catch my set.  I'm the first opener that night.


May 3, 2014

JE Double F celebrates the release of his new album "Songs for the asleep Deprived" with a quick and violent tour around the USA.


P.T. Burnem

JE Double F

Members of Gritty City Records




September 24, 2013

This is going to be a killer lineup.  Myself, Black Liquid, and Voss, who is On Fire right now, battling on BET's 106 and Park, and securing a record deal with Universal Studios.  This is my first real attempt at booking a bar event in Richmond,...


June 23, 2013



I know Rt. 1 between Baltimore and Philly like the back of my hand now, and that makes for easy riding.  Again it threatened storms but delivered only a light rain that brought out the smell of the asphalt and the...


June 22, 2013

Club K

One fine thing about motorbikes is that when it storms, you can become a manifestation.  A wild creature.  Soaking wet on the back of a mechanical horse.  Hurtling down 95 through the pouring rain, in that jubilant homosapein...

European Tour with MC Homeless

August 16, 2010

Oh Yes, there will be International Rap.  Myself and MC Homeless will be taking our underground styles across Europe this September, hitting up Russia, France, Romania, Ukraine, Holland, Germany, and More.  Massively Exciting.  A full Schedule will be up in the Shows section shortly.  You can also see the English translation of a short interview I did with Gluga Neagra, a Romanian Publication, Here, or Follow our travels.